Our Passions Are Transforming Your Garage Into A Usable Space And Providing You Great Service!

Of the many reasons I chose to be in this business, the two that stand out are my passion to serve others and my love of transformations. I have always enjoyed providing customers, and people in general, with excellent service no matter what type.

Hello Knoxville! My name is Glen Marlette and I want to help you design and furnish your garage, basement, closets, and other areas of your home with top of the line storage systems.

Whether transforming a messy garage or a concrete surface into a beautiful new floor, I get a real thrill when I have helped a customer turn an eyesore into a place they are proud to show off to their neighbors.

I started 3C Garage Design back in 2005. Being a bit of a car nut, I am happy in the garage since that is where I could be close to cars. I have always had a vision of my own dream garage and thought I could fund my vision by helping others achieve their own.

In the beginning, we only offered custom floor coatings for concrete in garages, patios, pool decks, basements and driveways. Demand for a complete package, however, was quite strong. As we helped more car nuts and average homeowners create their one-of-kind garages we began to offer RedLine garagegear garage cabinets and other garage storage solutions.

Let 3C Garage Design help you with your garage makeover! Give us a call today (865.984.8276) or fill out the form to the right to schedule a no-obligation garage design consultation.

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